8 Jan 2010

Hi all

so sorry it has been a while I have not fallen off the side of the planet. I have finally moved into my new house whooppiieee. Just got to tunnel through all of the boxes that are stacked up high.
Then I will be able to get my craft stash out and get some cards done. I have added a picture for the craft group on Saturday 16th Jan this is the project you will be doing. Laura will be doing the project this month. Thanks Laura it's a great project and is great once done.
Hope yo see you all there as I am going to escape for the day and come along and do some very much needed crafting. Rather than the painting kind!!!
Love and bugsx


  1. omg!!! that is pretty, i just know that mine will not turn out like this!!!!!!! lol!!!!!! i will probably end up stuck to it!! pleased you have got all moved and sorted hun, see you soon xxx

  2. Hi Andrea

    Just found your blog (rememebr me?). Some gorgeous stuff on here and I await the video on the flower ball but must just say I love this one you have just posted.