7 Feb 2010

I hate decorating

Hi all,
been up to my armpits in wallpaper stripping, walls falling down waiting on work men that just don't turn up and horrid paint that gets everywhere. And yesterday I did the most stupid of things. I was lining papering the hall and thinking far too much about making some cards whilst using my finger knife to cut the ends off the wallpaper. Stuck my foot (the whole thing, slipper and all) in the wallpaper paste aaaahhhhhhh. So yep I am back to the crafting and going to stick at it.
Ali and Iain are away doing a show and it has been very quiet around here. I have had a kick up the bum and Stu has started to design the new stamp range so I am hopeing to turn them around fast so we can all have some new fab stamps. They are lush. VERY VERY sexy. I will leave you all hanging at that and I will add a few cards I have done recently a little later on. Keep a watch out.
Love and Bugs Andreaxx

1 comment:

  1. ooooh sounds exciting hun, can't wait to see what you bring out next. now get on with making something!!!!!! lol!!! hugs,
    lou xx