14 Mar 2010

Happy mothers day if a bit late

Paige's card (my mega talented 7 year old)

Logan's card (my talented 5 year old)

Hi all
A little late for the Happy mothers day bit but I wanted my mum to get her card first before I blogged it. Only seemed right as she likes to look at the blog daily!!
I have posted the cards I got from my two little angels, given with lots of love, breakfast in bed with a disaster of tea spilt on the floor narrowly missed!!
For my mums card I used my lush new Martha Stewart punch and Tim holtz stamps as Ali had these dropped off in the week, and they are so so so fab. They had to sit wrapped up and to be looked at for a few days as my poor little kitty got hit by a car on Friday morning so been very sad and low. She is alive and has been at the vets all weekend she has a broken pelvis and is very poorly. Poor little mite, so been too sad to even use my new bits. Once she is ok I will make loads and loads of cards as the ideas are all up in my head somewhere!
Very exciting my first ever candy is finishing tomorrow night at midnight so the winner will be posted on Tuesday so watch this space good luck everyone and thanks so much for the great comments.
Love and bugs xx


  1. oh no andrea, your poor cat, i will be thinking of her and sending her lots of loving strokes and purrs. your card is gorgeous and paige and logan have obviously got mummy's crafty genes!!
    big hugs hun xxxxxxxx

  2. oh andrea, i am so sorry to hear about your little cat, sending her strokes and purrs.Paige and logans acrds are gorgeous, they have definately got mummy's crafty genes and your card is beautiful xxxx

  3. Great cards from your darlings, I kept all the home made cards from my kids, there so special!

  4. Sorry to hear about little Kitty, but I hope she is on the mend now. Helz x