8 Apr 2010

I haven't dropped off the planet

I have been sorting the house out and lost days like I wouldn't believe. The kids have been on holidays too and time has just flown in, not that I am complaining!!!
Ali and I sat down and did some crafting last night the card and box above are my fave. I love the tree some of the new paper artsy stamps Ali has in. Very very me.
I have also added Lou she makes up part of my new design team. We are starting the challenge Tomorrow ohhh can't wait. I am going to run it for a few weeks and have lots going on soon. I hope you can all join in as there will be a prize. Next challenge I will be adding Rose and Laura to the design team. Can't wait.
see you here tomorrow to start the fun!!!!!!
Love and bugsxxxxxxx


  1. oooh i like those, i peeked at them at the NEC. love the buttony box, so pretty.So excited for tomorrow1! see you saturday....hurry home stu!!!!!! xxx

  2. Oh Andrea, these are both gorgeous! Helz x