3 Jun 2010

My sock buddies

Hi all, I have been so busy lately my little feet have not touched the floor. The show at the weekend in Lincoln was great. I was supposed to be having a day out but ended up helping Ali and Iain on the stand. It was great fun though as I got to see so many people. I took my new little creations out with me and they got a great reaction. They are my sock buddies, so I have made 10 more to be taken to Edinburgh this weekend!! They are crossing the boarder.
I will set a new challenge in the next few days I have not been lazy just busy and the lovely school hollies are great! We took the kids to Skeggy today I did not know what to expect but it was great seeing the kids light up on the beach and have loads of fun. The weather helped loads how nice and it is going to just get better over the next few days!!!!!
Love and Bugsxxx


  1. omg they are just precious hun!!! i think they are super!! you are clever xxxxxx

  2. Wow they are so cute although I did see them in the flesh at the show, I can say they are sweet. Pleased your enjoying your break with the kids !!!!
    Fi xx

  3. loving your buddies great little characters ju x

  4. Wow, look at these - they are fab!!!! Jo x