26 Aug 2010

I am back!!!!!!

Hi all I haven't dropped dead, just surviving the school holidays!
I have been a very busy bee and not touched one card. I have been doing my course in Nottingham and in between that been a busy bee decorating the house and getting it finished off. Been to Splash Landings with the kids and hubby. Also just enrolled in an OCA distance learning course that will help towards a degree in Creative Arts. So yep been busy.
I have added some pics of the book we have been working on in Nottingham. We covered a book with fabric, then painted, distressed and added fabrics onto sheets of very big paper to create the pages of the book. This was great fun and a weekly therapy session. We then cut ad distressed the paper and then threaded it and bound it into a book. We added buttons and text to the pages and lots of lush text. I have to say I love touching the book and loved using all new things I hadn't before. I will write again soon with the yummy dolls we distressed and made.
Love and bugsxxxxxxx


  1. Hi Andrea
    Couldnt make it this week as we had the builders in and i had to tell em what to do and make tea all day.
    Love ya book and will see you the week after bank holiday.
    Smiles Rob xxx

  2. Ooooh your book looks absolutely fabulous. Good Luck with your course.xx