3 Apr 2012

Stains Workshop

Hi all

Well Ali and I had a great day today doing the stains workshop. Thanks ladies. We showed lots of techniques using the stains and made some great cards. I loved all the different colours. We all enjoyed lots of chatter and homemade scones. Ali even sat in for the afternoon part lead by myself and hogged all the craft products!!! Here are some of the cards the ladies did. They are all great thanks again. Everyone can view all upcoming workshops on Ali-craft website.

Yes Ali's Orange card!

June's Card

Sally's Card

Ann's Card

Carol's Card

Audrey I see I have not got a piccy of your card, you must hide in that corner sorry honey x
Love and bugs xxxxx


  1. Had a great day, didn't want to share the craft things or the scones, but they made me!!

  2. Looks like you all had a fab day! I am hoping to get to the next one!
    I must make sure Ali doesn't hog the craft things and the scones!!!

    Linda xxx

  3. Hi Andrea, sure looks like it was a great inspiring time, wonderful work and oooh I love scones!

  4. These stains look fab! I am going to AP next week and will be looking to buy some ( ALL!) ... will you be there?
    Eileen xx

    1. Hi Eileen

      will be at Ally Pally - will make sure we have all the stains with us