2 Jan 2013

Happy new year x

Hi all, first day back in the shop today and it has been a busy one! Been great catching up with you all ! Managed to get all the new Do craft goodies out and off the tables, looking great loads to pour over :) only got a few bits left on the steampunk side , this has been very popular.
I managed to finish the dress I began to make a few weeks ago! So very impressed as it was my first ever dress, I used a pattern and my new machine, it has pleats in the side and fits a treat! Had Logan be the model so I could pin the collar on, not sure he was too impressed.
Love and bugs xxxxx


  1. swit swoo lady in red!! looks gorgeous and omg! clever you making it.... I can't even thread my sewing machine!!!
    hugs Lou xx

  2. What a pretty girl, I'm sure I used to look like that a couple of years go....... All right ... About 20 years ago x

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