20 Jan 2014

Daventry Weekend Retreat Pictures

Hi Everyone

Just back from our fab Daventry weekend retreat

This is our 3rd Daventry Retreat, and i think it has been our best one so far.  Keep an eye out for our next one in September

These pictures are mainly from Rob's workshop, we also had a Friday workshop with Hels Sheridan, and a fab workshop with Linda Brown, so more pictures to follow over the next week or so

A big thank you to every one involved in this weekend, need a weeks rest now
Big hugs Ali + Iain xx

Sorry only managed to get half the crafters in photo

Chris with Maria and Diana

Wing for clock
Base coated in Alcohol inks by Iain, then texture paste through a mask (masks were designed by Rob (mdf) man

Rob working hard

Each clock became a piece of art, each one was different, fantastic work by all

What a lovely pair x

A big thanks to Rob (mdf) man, and for the lovely Aly (robs partner)  who helped out through the day, even thought she is nearly 7 months pregnant.

More pictures to follow
ali xx


  1. Looks like you all had a great time.

  2. Am so disappointed I couldn't go but hope to go to the next one at Daventry, hugs Annette x

  3. this looks lots of fun - fabulous xx

  4. Wow its looks like you had a fabulous time and love what you all made, they look stunning!!
    hugs and xxx

  5. such a great weekend, great company and brilliant projects looking forward to the next one
    hugs xxx

  6. looks amazing. I had really wanted to go but my dad is seriously ill. I'm hoping that I can come to the one in September. All the clocks look great xx

  7. the workshop looks absolutely amazing! I'm so gutted that I couldn't go but my dad is seriously ill. Hopefully I will be able to go to the next one xx

  8. WOW Ali these clocks look amazing!!! Loving the wings so much, such beautiful ArT:-) xxx