20 Feb 2011


I told you all I was being creative yesterday!!!
This is Logan's (my little boy) egg for Banardos. He had to decorate an egg and he has to carry it around all week and tell people what the egg did, he is not aloud to crack it and all the money goes to Banardos. He wanted a spartan, so I had my hands full after all it is an egg!!!! so King Leonidas (wish we had the real dishy one at home!!) got pants, a sword and even a beard!! how cool, and every step I had to run by the little budding designer and alot of things were too rubbish for his spartan. Paige is going to do the same for fun, she has a little girl egg and said she was the designer like Gok!!!! Bag and all.
The eggs smell already so I can see we are going to have an egg-tastic week!!!!!
Love and bugs andreax

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