12 Mar 2014

WOYWW What's on Your Workdesk? Wednesday post

Hi Guys

Well i thought i would give it a go, not that good at trying to link things, Heidi normally does that for me

Will try to do a longer and better post for next week, so keep watching


What's on Your Workdesk? Wednesday

Well all i can say, is my desk is as usual very messy
so much going on in my head all the time, and never the time to get it all done.

I am sorting out all the bits and pieces to do a mixed media money box house from the MDF man, so lots of paint, ribbon, buttons, you know the sort of things

This project is going to be for a workshop later in the year, so i can see lots of forward planning involved.

Can i just say, this is tidy for me xx

Well off now to see if i can do the link, wish me luck 


  1. The money box and huge pile of die-cuts look intriguing, do they go together?
    ~kate~ #65

    1. have lots of different thoughts at the moment, so you never know
      thanks for leaving a comment x

  2. Lots of different thoughts at once describes our brains here. Your desk doesn't look too messy at all.

    The house of bears @74

  3. Hi Ali, there are things on your desk that I love. Hope we get chance to see it finished. Happy crafting,Angela # 59

  4. Like what I am seeing and your desk is not too bad at all :) Becky x

  5. Well the linking worked, wasn't too hard after all, huh!! A. Workshop later in the year word, that's forward planning, how impressive! Some of mine are only sample ready ten days in advance!!

  6. Great looking desk. Lots of fun stuff to play with. Thanks for sharing. Have a great week. Vickie aka Okienurse #72