6 Jan 2011

Course work

Hi all

Just finished my second assignment for my course work (I am studying Printmaking) just started the long climb to a degree in Fine Arts. I am pleased with this one. Shows I do a little more than card making and sewing etc, etc. It is a Lino print and I am sure you have all done it at school at some time. This is a three layer and 3 colour print. Hope you all like. Got some great things to blog but Ali takes rubbish photo's so I will have to take them again tomorrow she has been very crafty lately a shock to everyone who knows her. But some great stuff so she has been busy.
Love and Bugs xxxxxx


  1. sounds like you are having an awesome time on your course hun and the results are fab hugs Lou xx

  2. Oh lovely card can't wait to see it in the flesh, pleased your having a fab time.
    P.S. can't wait to see Ali's cards
    Fi xx