28 Mar 2011

Busy mummy

Hi all
Here is my new baby and we have called him Harper. I was reading a great book from the amazing Charlaine Harris and the main character all be it a girl is called Harper so we like that name. As you can see I have settled him in the craft room in his basket so I can still get some crafting done when he is asleep!!! so like having a baby all over again I am shattered.

So I have been busy crafting and it feels great after a few days running around on wee wee patrol!
here is a beach card using graphic45 papers and a bunting.


  1. Forget the card wich is fab the puppy Harper has won my heart he is just beautifull Luv Sue x

  2. Harper is just SO gorgeous!!!! Cuteness overload!

  3. Did u enjoy the Harper Connelly books? I've read the first three (don't actually know how many there are!) and couldn't put them down in places!

  4. Oh right, I need to hunt number four down then. I just started Sookie Stackhouse book 11 yday, I was looking forward to it coming out in p/back this week.