17 Mar 2011

Tim Holtz Configurations

Hi all

I am back again! been uba busy. Getting a new baby puppy and wanted to show everyone a little pic but my computer (main one) has crashed aaaaahhhhhhh and I can't get it working again. So have no pic as the oly one I had was on there!!!!!! He is a boy a springer, just haven't thought of a name yet and running out of time now, so any ideas will be great.

Anyway on the craft front did a challenge card and my mind must have been in the clouds so put the wrong stamp on it and can't use it aaaahhhh, so started my Tim Holtz configurations and having lots of fun. I have added a pic of my first step. Useing Tim papers and tissue tape. I have been collecting lots of yummy things to add into it so all great. I will blog the first box I get done. Hope you all like
off to get some caffine!!!!
Love and bugsxxxx


  1. What about Timmy (as in Holz) that's a shame you have no pic, I'm getting a bit broody myself of late.

  2. Thanks for the name idea but I have a brother called Timmy. I am sure he would be impressed though but I have enough with one Tim
    love and bugsxxx