7 Mar 2011

Reduction Print part 2

Hi all
well it is late but been busy busy being mum's taxi and all that good stuff. Here is the second layer of my print. As you can see it developing it is an angel on a tree, a curly one. I loved cutting the wings and think the brown layer looks great over the blue. I have been working on my next layer today so I will also blog that asap. Again done in oil. Hope you all like?!
Ali got some yummy Tim Holtz goodies today so yep been scouring through the boxes hiding the best bits up my jumper.
Love and bugsxxxx

1 comment:

  1. oooh its looking good hun!!! can't wait to see tomorrows installment of the print! i thought it was going to be a basque from the first one!! derrrr Lou !!! hugs xx