8 Mar 2011

Reduction Print layer 3

Nearly there very excited!

A bit of a close up!!!!
Hi all,
well here it is I am very excited as I have finished it off today and you are all going to have to wait for that bit until tomorrow!!!
This layer was all done in mind of having a texture in the tree area and of course the body of the angel being the block colour. I have used a lino cutting tool to remove some of the layer in a textured effect. I used oil again in a off brown/gray colour.
Have a sneek peek tomorrow for the final bit!!
Ali has me doing a Tim Holtz distress box! I am so so excited as I was blog surfing last night and saw some amazing bits and bobs and I thought "I would love to do that". Low and behold I bagged myself the goodies this morning, already been through Logan's toy cars to get one to batter and distress ohhh watch this space I promise it won't take a year!!!!
Love and bugsxxxxxx

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